Originally founded in 2019 with the idea to bring the peaceful tranquility of the rolling hills of Kyoto
combined with the bursting fun of sipping sake in the heart of downtown Tokyo. Eazy Peazy brings a
transformative collaboration of Japan and Melbourne, balanced perfectly in the heart of Swan Street

Eazy Peazy is Designed by Sue Carr inspired by the rolling hills of Kyoto, seen through the soft layered sand
art installations through to the soft tranquil lighting, this destination is mastery of interior space.

The balance of the space is carried though to the all aspects of Eazy Peazy, through the menu creating an
experience for all, With a focus on informal izakaya style dining, the menu is centred on our hibachi and has
at its heart traditional Japanese fare of yakitori, kushiyaki and other share-plate style dishes. Also carrying
though to the the wine list showcasing the best and brightest of local wineries balanced with the tastiest
array of Japanese sakes and whiskeys.
At Eazy Peazy we curate experiences suited for all, so why not come in and see for yourself!